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Blue Diamond Fabrication, LLC

Pro-S2B - Double Filter Housing Floor Stand

Pro-S2B - Double Filter Housing Floor Stand

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Our Pro-Stand paired with the filter brackets, is the perfect height for 10-20" well water filter housing. It can be mounted just about anywhere with ergonomic accessibility. These universal stands are great for double water well filtration, but can be used in other application. Set up is fast and easy, and can de done directly into concrete floors. Made from stainless steel, these stands are corrosion resistant ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Pro-Stand
  • 2 Filter Brackets
  • Hardware

Compatible With:

  • Filter Brackets
  • Big Blue Filter Housing (when used with Filter Brackets)
  • Pro-M
  • Pro-3F

Not Included: Filter housing, pipe, filters, or pipe fittings. 

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