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Laser Cutting

The Senfeng Laser Cutter is an exceptional tool for precision cutting and engraving. It's equipped with advanced technology, allowing us to deliver highly accurate and intricate designs. The machine's high-speed operation reduces project turnaround time, enhancing our productivity. With its ability to cut various materials, it expands our capabilities, enabling us to cater to diverse client requirements. Its user-friendly interface and safety features ensure a smooth, efficient workflow. The Senfeng Laser Cutter is truly an asset in delivering top-notch, customized fabrication solutions.

Cutting Envelope: 10'x5'
Max Thickness:

  • 1" Steel
  • 1/2" Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel

OMAX 55100

5th Axis Waterjet Cutting

Unparalleled precision and versatility in cutting a wide range of materials, including metal, glass, stone, and plastics. With the OMAX we can create intricate and complex designs with smooth, clean edges, ensuring that your products have a superior finish and fit perfectly every time.

  • Cutting tolerance of up to Β±0.003 inches
  • 0-60 degrees
  • Cutting envelope of 90”x50”x8”
  • 5th axis

Haas VF4SS

CNC Milling

Providing you with quality and consistency in every project with our VF4SS Haas.

By offering a comprehensive range of milling capabilities, including 4th axis milling, we can efficiently produce intricate designs and geometries that meet your exact specifications, ultimately enhancing the performance and aesthetics of your products while optimizing production costs. Trust Blue Diamond Fabrication to bring your vision to life with unmatched precision and expertise.

  • Cutting envelope of 50”x20”x25”
  • Accuracy up to Β±0.001"
  • 4th Axis


  • XYZ 50" (1270mm) X 20" (508mm) X 25" (635mm)
  • Spindle Nose Table (max): 29.2" (741.68mm)
  • Spindle Nose Table (min): 4.2" (106.7mm)

Dragon A250

CNC Plasma Round Tube & Pipe Cutter with Integrated CAD/CAM

Discover versatile and scalable cutting solutions for a wide range of tube and pipe sizes and materials, including stainless steel and aluminum, with our customizable Dragon A250 CNC plasma cutter - perfect for businesses of all sizes and evolving project needs.

The innovative three-jaw gate ensures secure centering of round tubes up to 3-inch outer diameter. The advanced chuck features a pass-through hole, allowing round tubing up to 2-inch outer diameter to seamlessly pass through for longer pieces of material.

  • 3" OD
  • Chuck has a pass through allowing up to 2” OD after 10'
  • Min Diameter: 0.75in (19mm)
  • Max Diameter: 4in (101.6mm)
  • Max Weight: 260 lbs (118kg)
  • Material Thickness (min): 1/32" (0.79mm)
  • Material Thickness (max): 5/8" (15.8mm)


Laser Engraving [COMING SOON!]

The Omtech Laser Engraver is a game-changer in our fabrication processes. Its high-precision engraving and cutting capabilities ensure flawless execution of complex client projects.With its robust build and high-speed performance, we can deliver projects faster without compromising on quality. Additionally, its compatibility with various materials offers us the flexibility to meet diverse client needs. It's a valuable asset that elevates our services.


Brake Metal Bending

We offer expert metal bending service incorporated into larger, all-inclusive projects, not as a stand alone service. Enhance your construction and design with our specialized service, seamlessly integrating expert metal manipulation for superior quality results.

Timesaver Speedbelt


Fast smooth finishes on metal and wood!

Add brushed finishes to projects!

Noua by Xinxing

Laser Welding

Add laser welding to your project (not sold as a stand alone service).

The Noua by Xinxing Laser Welder is a game-changer for our fabrication projects. Its advanced technology delivers precision welding, reducing errors, rework, and costs. With its high-speed performance and reliability, we complete projects faster, increasing client satisfaction.


Other Services

Blue Diamond Fabrication, LLC is a dynamic and evolving family oriented company with a growth mindset. Don't see a service you need? Contact us to discuss (we may be adding it!) and see how we can bring your creations to life.

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3D Printing [COMING SOON!]

Great for Prototyping!


3D Printing

The large build volume of the Modix allows for the creation of substantial models in one piece, increasing efficiency and precision. It's equipped with dual E3D Aero extruders for multi-material printing, broadening our project possibilities.The open-source nature of the Modix180x also promotes customization and adaptability to our clients changing needs. It's a reliable, versatile tool that significantly enhances our project turnaround and overall client satisfaction.


3D Printing

Vyper Anycubic

3D Printing