Cradle Of Life

Cradle Of Life

Embarking on the Cradle of Life art project was a thrilling journey! This project, deeply entrenched in healing and community values, presented a wonderful opportunity for collaboration and creation. The meticulous design, fabrication, and test construction were expertly handled by Kyle Osborne, Ben Farrell, Alex Wright, and Brandon Wright, with precision cuts achieved through waterjet cutting and CNC milling.

The artwork was inspired by and integrated EE System technology, a blend of body, mind, spirit, and science, aimed at enhancing performance and promoting higher levels of health, consciousness, and self-realization.

The Cradle of Life project featured four individual towers, each standing at a majestic 13 feet. Each tower housed nine video screens, encased in intricately cut aluminum side panels and bases. Upon passing safety tests and approvals, the project commenced its journey north, destined for re-assembly in the challenging yet awe-inspiring Black Rock Desert environment. Amidst the dust, chaos, twinkling lights, lasers, and a sea of approximately 73,000 participants, a gleaming 71-foot pyramid stood, erected solely by community volunteers. Each of the four towers was positioned within the pyramid, their curves bending upwards and inwards to create a cradle effect, embracing all those who ventured in to partake in the diverse speaking events, workshops, and music performances throughout the week.

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